Product Types

Consulting and Testing Services

CONSULTING SERVICES – Field Services, Specialized Audits, and Commissioning Work. Expert Witness and Professional Consulting for Filtration / Cooling.

CONTRACT CONSULTING – Services, Testing, Audits, Troubleshooting and Training in a package or individual assistance. (Prices are quoted based on services provided.) Call for Quotation.

TEST SERVICES – DRB Industries will test Air Filters and Evaporative Cooling Media. Filters will be tested at an independent lab (Test Conducted ASHRAE 52.1 & 52.2, Wet/Dry Mullen Burst Testing, Physical and Granulometric Dust Inspections).

REMAINING USEFUL LIFE TESTING – Pressure Drop & Efficiency Testing on existing filters to determine Remaining Useful Life and change out intervals.

TROUBLESHOOTING – (Failure Analysis) DRB conducts Troubleshooting & Failure Investigations of Air Inlet Filtration & Evaporative Cooling Systems.”

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