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Gas Turbine Filter Installation/ Change Out

DRB Industries are experts at installing new filters and replacing your deteriorated filters for your outage schedule. We perform repair work during off-peak periods. Our installation services also include annual commissioning services per OEM recommendations. Our qualified service crews can replace your filters at a very economical price, on time, and within budget. We replace Cartridge and Static Barrier Filters to include Pre-Filters. DRB Industries can also perform minor repair work on your Filter House. We supply all types of Filters and Holding Frames, along with specialized Clips and Springs for Pre-Filters and Final Filters.

Evaporative Media Cooling Installation

DRB Industries will install and commission Evaporative Coolers and Media in Gas Turbine Filter Houses. We are experts at installing Evaporative Cooling Media, replacing deteriorated pads and Drift Eliminator for your outage schedules. We also perform repair work during off-peak periods. All our Installation services also include annual Commissioning Services per OEM recommendations. Our qualified service crews can come on-site and replace your Evaporative Cooling Media very affordably within your outage schedule. We also do interior corrections and re-caulking (both interior & exterior). We will correct your Media Polarity problems, including Water Carry over. We do Dry and Wet Run testing and all related Evaporative Cooling work, including Sump, Pump, and inspections based on necessity. DRB Industries can perform minor repair work on your Evaporative Cooling System. We also supply Pumps, Piping, and Flow Distribution equipment to give you the best power augmentation possible for your Gas Turbine Filter House. We also provide Drift Eliminator panels for your system.

Fog Cooling Installation

DRB Industries and its partner companies design and install complete Inlet Fogging Systems for your Gas Turbine. Designed to increase your Power Output, easy Retrofits are available usually in only a few days.

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