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1000E - Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch

Same rugged construction as used in the Series 1000W plus explosion-proof design are combined in this new unit. UL listed for Class I, Groups A, B, C, and D; Class II, Groups E, F, and G. Bellville spring movement permits mounting of control in any position and helps prevent contact chatter. High over-pressure protection and vibration resistance are also featured.

1000W - Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch

Extremely rugged construction provides excellent reliability in chemical, petroleum, and industrial plants. Bellville spring movement permits mounting of control in any position and helps prevent contact chatter. New design also provides high over-pressure protection. Weatherproof housing is standard.

1900 - Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch

Our most popular series combines advanced design and precision construction to make these switches able to perform many of the tasks of larger, costlier units. Designed for air conditioning service, they also serve many fluidics, refrigeration, oven and dryer applications. For air and non combustible compatible gases, Series 1900 switches have set points from 0.07 to 20˝ (1.8 to 508 mm) w.c. Set point adjustment is easy with range screw located inside conduit enclosure. Internal location helps prevent tampering. UL, CE, CSA listed, and FM approved.

1950 - Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch

Model 1950 Explosion-Proof Differential Pressure Switch combines the best features of the popular Dwyerseries 1900 with an integral explosion-proof and weather-proof housing, making it an exceptional value for either ap-plication. It is CE, UL and CSA listed, FM approved for use in Class I, Div 1, Groups C and D, Class II Groups E, F,and G and Class III hazardous atmospheres (NEMA 7 & 9), Raintight (NEMA 3). Weatherproof features include adrain plug and O-ring seal in cover. Electrical connections are easily made by removing front cover. For conveniencethe set point adjustment screw is located on the outside of the housing. Twelve models offer set points from .03 to20˝w.c. (7.5 to 5 kPa) and from .5 to 50 psi (0.035 to 3.5 bar). The unit is very light and compact — about half theweight and bulk of other explosion-proof or weather-proof switches with separate enclosures.

A1F - Low Cost OEM Pressure Switch

Low cost and precision made, the A1F Pressure Switch is ideal for OEM industrial applications. Wetted materials of 316 SS and flurocarbon ensure great chemical compatibility with a wide range of process media. The open case style is perfect for panel mounting applications like pump skids. Field installable weatherproof enclosure is available in polycarbonate, offering a low cost weatherproof switch. Superior 15A contact allows direct control of motors or pumps without the use of external relays, a true cost savings. Features include a convenient indicating scale for quick and easy field adjustment.

A1PS/A1VS Economical Pressure Switch

Series A1PS/A1VS Economical Pressure Switches are designed with a 15 Amp SPDT switch for direct control of pumps and motors. Available in pressure, vacuum, or compound ranges, the switches offer a field adjustable set point. Easily adjust the switch by aligning the top of the self locking adjusting nut with the desired setting indicated on the adjacent range scale. Connection is 1/4" male NPT for quick installation and can be mounted in any position.

A1S/A1B Low Cost OEM Pressure Switch

Low cost and precision made. The A1 Pressure Control provides the flexibility required for industrial applications. The A1 pressure switch is ideal for panel mounting wherever a high quality economical open case control is required. Optional weatherproof housing meets NEMA 4X standards. Superior 15A contact allows direct control of a motor or pump without the use of external relays. Unique features include broad temperature limits for increased application possibilities and convenient indicating scale for quick and easy field adjustment. The rugged A1S construction incorporates the features most often requested by customers; a 316 SS diaphragm pressure element for exceptional compatibility and long service life. The A1B construction offers a lower cost Buna-N Diaphragm for those applications not requiring 316 SS. Pressure chambers available are: aluminum with Teflon® impregnated hard coating perfect for oil based hydraulic fluids and noncorrosive air and gases, brass for water and water based fluids, and 316 SS for harsher applications. Optional hermetically sealed snap switches are available for harsh environments.

A2 - Subminiature Pressure Switch

Designed for OEM applications, the Series A2 is economical and is equipped with high proof pressure capabilities for demanding applications. The A2 is available with either spade terminals or flying leads (submersible). Switches with spade terminals can be easily adjusted in the field.

AP - Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch

Reliable and convenient, the Series AP pressure switch is a compact switch for instrument air or other low pressure applications. Visible set point and external adjustment add convenience. Used on air, noncorrosive gas or liquid service compatible with wetted parts. Unit also available in weatherproof and explosion-proof housing.

APS/AVS - Adjustable Pressure Switch

Miniature Series APS/AVS Adjustable Switches offer reliable switching for pressure/vacuum alarm, shutdown, or control. The units are readily adjustable throughout their range using the locking adjusting ring and indicating pointer. The body is constructed of stainless steel for durability in harsh environments. Switches include 12" (30cm) wire leads sealed with epoxy for additional protection.

Capsuhelic® Differential Pressure Gauges - 4000 series

Measures Pressure, Vacuum or Differential, Suitable for Internal Pressures to 500 psig

CS/CD Low Cost Diaphragm Pressure Switch

Series CS and CD combine advanced design and precision construction in a small size. Unit is ideal for instrument panels, small compressors and general industrial applications. Visible set point and easy to wire SPDT snap switch reduce installation time. Operates in any position and is vibration resistant.

DA/DS - Bourdon Tube Pressure Switch

This D Series has extremely high sensitivity and great repeatability. The DA Models are equipped with two external adjustments, one for setting high pressure operating point, the other for setting low pressure operating point. Deadband, the difference between high and low setpoints, is adjustable over the full scale. The DS Models are equipped with a single external adjustment for setting operating point only. For mercury free switches, choose between the snap action switch or hermetically sealed snap action switch. A hermetically sealed mercury switch is also available.

EDA - Electronic Pressure Switch

Series EDA Electronic Pressure Control is an extremely versatile compact package that can replace a separate gauge, two switches, and a transmitter in a system saving money, installation time, and panel space. The EDA incorporates two SPDT relays that have the on and off points fully adjustable over the range for control or alarm use. Front face has LED indicators for switch status and a large backlight two-line display showing process value and indication units. Programming is easy with simple menu structure, two-line display, and external programming buttons. Weatherproof housing is ideal for a wide variety of applications with panel mount, flush mount, or pipe mount ability. Features include zero set, adjustable dampening, menu lock out, peak and valley indication, removable terminal blocks, adjustable time delay, and scalable transmitter output.

H2 - Dual-Action Explosion-proof Pressure Switch

Explosion-Proof, UL and CSA Listed for Class I, Groups B, C, and D and Class II, Groups E, F, and G. The H2 is designed for sequencing two different actions as pressure of a liquid or gas increases or decreases. The patented design consists of two concentric pistons operated by a single diaphragm with one pressure chamber. Each piston actuates a separate switch independent of the other. The switches may be adjusted to operate together, at opposite ends of the range, or at two intermediate set points. The threaded top is removed to field adjust or service switches without disturbing electrical or pressure connections. The Duotect® switch is explosion-proof and weatherproof. It can be mounted in any position and is not affected by vibration.

Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gauges - 2000 Series

Indicate Positive, Negative or Differential, Accurate within 2%

MVS - Miniature Vacuum Switch

Compact, lightweight, and adjustable, the Series MVS Miniature Vacuum Switch is specially designed for OEM applications. This low cost switch has a minimum life expectancy of 10 million cycles and has an extremely fast response time. Typical applications for the MVS are HVAC, home appliance, dairy systems, medical, office equipment, and pump control.

Photohelic® Relay/Mounting

Photohelic Gauges + Switch are one of the most relaible and effective instruments in measuring differential pressure (pressure drop) across your filters in Self-cleaning Pulse systems,

SA1100 - Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switch

Weatherproof and Explosion-Proof in one economical enclosure. Extremely rugged construction assures excellent reliability in chemical, petroleum, and industrial plants. New design also provides burst pressure protection to 3000 psi (206 bar). The rolling diaphragm design maintains a constant effective area to minimize friction. This results in a minimum deadband as low as 5% of full scale. Since many applications require higher deadbands, the SA1100 includes a separate adjustment of this when necessary. A feature being used to control liquid level in a tank would be a typical situation where this feature would be important. Both setpoint and deadband adjustments are protected, yet clearly visible behind a clear polycarbonate window and are fully isolated from the electrical components for additional safety. A 7/16" open-end wrench is the only tool required to change settings. Terminal blocks are provided for switch wiring connections and both internal and external ground screws are included. Standard housing is weatherproof to NEMA standards 1 through 4X and 13; explosion-proof to NEMA 7, Class I, Groups B, C, and D; NEMA 9, Class II, Groups E, F, and G. Optional construction adds drain to meet IP54.

Solenoid Coil

Solenoid used in remote or integral actuation of dust collector diaphragm or pilot valves.

V4 - Vane Operated Flow Switch

Field Adjustable – Dependable Protection Against Flow Variation or Stopping in Pipelines for Fluids, Gases and Flowing Solids

XTBX - Diaphragm Seal for DA Series Pressure Switch

Mercoid® diaphragm seals prevent corrosive, viscous or other damaging pressure media (gas, liquid, etc.) from entering the pressure power element (Bourdon tube) in pressure or differential pressure controls. Plain seals cannot be field-disassembled for cleaning or other purposes. Mercoid® clean-out type diaphgram seals can be field-disassembled for cleaning or other purposes. Top bowl (Key #4 in diagram at right) with both clean-out ring (9) and control attached can be removed while bottom bowl (8) is still connected to system. However, system must be shut down beforehand.


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